Coventry Open Christmas
MAKING A DIFFERENCE AT CHRISTMAS. Registered Charity Number 1186500.

How you can help us.

Donations are needed for the shelter from mid December. If you can keep donations until then we would be grateful, if you need to donate before then please contact us and we can sort out delivery or collection.

If you wish to donate money throughout the year it can be done either way below:

  • Cheques should be made payable to "Coventry Open Christmas" they can be posted to us at: Coventry Open Christmas c/o Queens Road Baptist Church, Queens Road, Coventry, CV1 3EG

Monetary donations allow us to buy in the foods, drinks and other essentials we need to operate during the shelter. 

Any surplus money is banked and saved so that we can continue our breakfast and Saturday work with people who benefit from it throughout the year.

What we need.

Your generosity allows us to help others. All of the following items are gratefully received.

All bedding should be of good quality

Clothing - all sizes male or female
All clothing should be of good quality

Toiletries - new only please - look in your bathroom cabinet, that’s what we need!

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, razors, shaving foam, towels. face clothes, wipes, feminine hygiene items.

Other useful and helpful items
Toilet paper, kitchen paper/napkins, plastic/paper cups, plastic cutlery, cleaning products, rubbish bags, cling film/aluminium foil.

We provide hundreds of hot meals plus extra snacks throughout the day and night for our guests and more than 3,000 servings of tea and coffee over 5 nights.
Non-perishable items should have a use-by-date of December 2021 or beyond. Perishable items should be donated on or after 24th Dec with use by dates of 29th Dec or later (if possible). In order to comply with Food & Hygiene Regulations, we are unable to accept cooked meals, except by prior arrangement with Event Directors.

Non-Perishable Food Perishable Food
Coffee / tea / hot chocolate Fresh milk
Sugar / UHT milk / sweeteners Cheese
Squash / long-life fruit juice Fresh fruit
Cakes / mince pies Bacon
Biscuits / crisps Sausages
Sweets / chocolates Eggs
Tinned meat / fish (for sandwiches) Mushrooms
Baked Beans / tinned spaghetti / soup Bread
Tinned tomatoes / vegetables Spreadable butter
Tinned fruit / tinned custard  Fruit juice
Breakfast cereal / porridge Sliced ham
Plastic bottles of brown & red sauce Pork pies
Mustard, pickles, salt & pepper Sausage rolls
Cooking oil Quiche
Mint sauce Salad ingredients
Cream and block butter